Hello Friends!

Concerning the ministry here, we are glad to report that the Lord is doing great things. Our little family has had the honor of working with 8 other American families, in the furtherance of the gospel, among the Turkish, Romanians.

As we look back we have seen God's hand leading us every step of the way. It is because of Him, that we are where we are today. From childhood, both of us (Zachary and Verity ) have had the opportunity to be in Christian homes, and were in churches where the gospel was preached. Where we were able to come to be saved, and experience God's redeeming grace. Even before we had met, both of us had the desire to be used in God's work... wherever He would lead us. So, upon meeting and marriage, we sought the Lord's direction. And the Lord led us here...

Our work is mostly with the Turkish people in Romania. They are the POOREST people in Romania. They are a rough and tumble group of folks, who are outcasts in Romanian society. But they are receiving the gospel, and are being brought to salvation, and the knowledge of Jesus Christ. We are thankful to be a part of the work God is doing here, and look forward to many more years in His service.

Zachary LeFevre

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