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Born at St. Mary’s hospital, Livonia, MI. Raised in Garden City, MI. My family attended Temple Baptist Church until I was 12. My parents moved their membership to Prayer Baptist, not long after Larry Bartlett was called as Pastor. I was saved at the age of 13 in the basement of our home. It was just me and the host of heaven in attendance. I had been praying, asking God to save me for months, seemingly to no avail. On that day, the 8th of March, 1988, the Lord spoke to my heart, and said I didn’t have to beg, only believe. That day he saved me, and every day since has been different.

I attended Massillon Baptist College in 1992, graduating in ‘95. A month after graduation I headed to Bristol, TN to assist Rev. Fred Potter in whatever capacity was needed. My brother, Zachary, had just departed to Romania for work on the mission field. I stayed with Preacher Potter at Brookside 15 years, eventually being appointed co-associate pastor along with Bro. Mike Nixon.

I first visited the mission field of Bulgaria in late December 2006. I went over for a number of reasons: to escort my niece Katherine back; to visit with my brother and his family; and to court a beautiful young lady named Hannah, home from PCC for Winter break. Hannah returned to PCC midway through January, but I stayed on with my brother until the start of March. I went over to win the heart of a girl, and returned having lost my heart to the Lord’s work. For the next two years I prayed as to what the Lord would have me to do. On June 7th of 2008, Hannah and I were married in Bristol, TN. A week later we were married again in Bulgaria, for those of our family who couldn’t return to the US. We honeymooned a month overseas with our families, all the while longing to know God’s will concerning the mission field. May of 2009 saw the birth of our son, Carrick Austin LeFevre (named for his great, great grandfather). In early July of 2009, while working night shift at the hospital, my burdens had grown too heavy, and I needed an answer from God. In a stairwell on the backside of the hospital I poured my heart out to God, and he gave me his answer. Soon after I told the saints at Brookside, by the Lord’s will, we were heading to the mission field. The Lord has been gracious and good to me, all my life. Truly, the lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places.

Keep the LeFevre family in your prayers, as we continue on deputation. Lord willing, we will be heading to Bulgaria in early 2011. The Lord is good.

William & Hannah Lefevre
(423) 534-3152

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